Monday, November 1, 2010

In everyones life a little rain must fall

Well today I as I was scraping the frost off my car windows this morning it hit me ... I miss the crazyness of bloom season. This summer it seemed to me that it rained more than last ( the weatherman says I'm wrong ) I truly enjoy taking photos of my daylilies in the rain. I love love love how the rain drops look on the petals early in the morning. To be in the garden while God is holding a gentle watering can over my own little peace of heaven will make me relax and take a breath smile and know that all is right for that moment in time.


daylilies said...

I like to take pictures in the rain because it provides for the perfect balance of light and color that brings out every beautiful detail of the flower petal. Yes and love the rain drops too.

Paul said...

Definitely missing the bloom season today. Looking out my window at a dusting of snow and the ground appears to be frozen. Winter is a tough time for those of us up north. I guess this is the time I will work on my descriptions for my website and peruse the photos from the bloom season. Great to read your blog Kim!

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